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Free Weekly Meal Plans

How many times have you stared into the refrigerator at 5pm wondering what in the world to make for dinner? Feeding a family can feel relentless—a never-ending process of planning, shopping, cooking, and cleaning.

Let our uniquely crafted meal plans lighten the load.

Menus4Moms creates uniquely designed meal plans to help you decrease prep time, increase grocery savings, and build a stockpile of prepared basics to pull from the freezer and combine into a variety of meals. Menu4Moms is not just another meal planning website, but an entirely different way of thinking about cooking.

Secrets of a Busy Cook

Based on the Busy Cook’s Pyramid, our weekly meal plans are more than just a list of recipes. By planning meals based on the five levels of the pyramid, each meal in our plans contributes to saving time & money, decreasing preparation effort, taking advantage of the tools we have in our kitchens, and filling the freezer. All of this is done without spending hours in the kitchen because we plan it into each meal.

Menus4Moms: Secrets of a Busy CookYou can read more about the Secrets of a Busy Cook, but the basics are:

  • fill the freezer with both cooked ingredients and full recipes
  • avoid wasting food by incorporating planned leftovers in future meals
  • take advantage of quick and easy recipes
  • use your time in the kitchen efficiently by bulk prepping ingredients like cooked chicken to avoiding repeating the same tasks over and over
  • use tools & techniques to make life easier

Our free weekly meal plans incorporate this unique way of cooking into each dinner meal plan so that you don’t have to think about it. We’ll send you our weekly meal plans by email and you can either use them as is or as inspiration to create your own menus using these principles.

I have thoroughly enjoyed your site since I found it! I don’t like trying new things, or doing hard recipes that leave me stuck in the kitchen all night. I have 5 children and I work and go to college part time, so my time is very limited. Your site has really helped me know what is for dinner, stick to my budget, and try out new recipes. That Chicken Pepper Pasta was so delicious last night! And more importantly, my children loved it too! Thank you for everything! ~ Y.C. in Illinois

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If you would like a little more hand-holding, we also offer 52 week menu packs with 52 meal plans for 5 nights of dinners focusing on saving money (Frugal Mom Menu) or using the Busy Cook’s Pyramid to save time (Busy Mom Menu). These premium menus are in printable PDF format with grocery lists included. Our gluten-free menu (Living Gluten-free Casein-free) is a comprehensive resource with a 4 week meal plan that will help you in your quest to live gluten-free.

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