Dinner Menu for January Week 4

Dinner Menu for January 21-25 This week’s menu features chicken more than once, so to save time it is a good idea to bulk cook your chicken for both Monday and Friday at the same time. It takes less time to sauté 4 cups of chicken once than to sauté 2 cups twice. All Free […]

Stuffed Shells

These hearty homemade stuffed shells are filled with a tasty ricotta and Parmesan cheese mixture. They are filling enough to be served with a simple side or just a salad for a complete meal.

Taco Bar

Tacos are a quick and easy meal that can be made traditional style with ground beef, or can be updated with chicken, shrimp, or even beans based on your preferences and what you have on hand. Cook and season the meat, then serve with all of the condiments taco bar style so that each person can make their own.

Slow Cooker Sweet and Sour Chicken

This slow cooker Asian style chicken recipe rewards a little prep time in the morning with big returns at dinner time. Feel free to adjust the vegetables to based on what you have on hand – colored bell peppers and broccoli would be excellent substitutions for the carrots and green bell pepper.

Dinner Menu for January Week 3

Dinner menu for January Week 3: Sweet and Sour Meatballs, Roast Beef Picante, Stir Fry, Swiss Chicken, Taco Crescent Bake

Baked Swiss Chicken

Baked Swiss Chicken is a family favorite that is easy to make with ingredients you can keep on hand.

Vegetable Stir Fry

This quick and easy stir fry can be as simple as a bag of frozen vegetables sautéed with teriyaki sauce or can include fresh sliced veggies of your choice.

Roast Beef Picante

Most of the time needed for this roast beef recipe is to marinate it, which makes it the perfect meal to prep in the morning and when you are ready to prepare for dinner, it can go in the oven while you get side dishes ready. It is flavorful without time-consuming prep work.

Sweet and Sour Meatballs with Rice

Sweet and sour meatballs are quick and easy when using frozen meatballs. This sweet and sour meatballs with rice recipe is good for a quick weeknight meal.

Egg Drop Soup

I learned this quick and easy egg drop soup recipe when I was living in Japan. It’s good for a light appetizer or a comfort food when you have a cold.

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