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Menus4Moms: Pasta with Lemon and Garlic
Wondering what to make for dinner… again? You aren’t alone.

Dinner Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult

Like you, the moms at Menus4Moms:

  • Have visited the drive-thru too often and felt guilty.
  • Have spent too much on pizza delivery.
  • Have sports practice, competitions/games, school activities, work, and all of the things that make it difficult to put dinner on the table during the week.
  • Knew that there had to be a better way!

What we’ve discovered is that with a plan, it’s really not difficult to be the mom that has it together at dinnertime. It’s not the cooking that is the stumbling block to home-cooked dinners – it’s the planning. Without planning, you might be willing and able to cook dinner, but it’s all too easy to put off thoughts about dinner until 5pm, then spend 20 minutes deciding what to make and realize that you don’t have all of the ingredients for any of the recipes you like. That is when pizza delivery starts looking very attractive.

I want you to know how much I enjoy having meals already planned! It has helped my life significantly with aging parents, teenage kids, work, and all I know there will be healthy meals, that are easy to prepare, food my family likes, and I will get all the supplies when I shop. Thanks for your great service! ~ Mary Louise

With the Busy Mom Menu, you will:

For a limited time, all 52 week menu pack purchases will include 5 bonuses! You'll get 3 planned leftovers e-books (Planned Leftovers: Roast Chicken, Planned Leftovers: Baked Ham, & Planned Leftovers: Roast Beef) PLUS our freezer cooking eBook, Bulk Cooking for the Freezer: Ground Beef (reg. $6.95) AND Frugal Mom's Guide to Once a Month Cooking (reg. $10.95). No coupon code is necessary and the eBooks will automatically be added to your member download page.

  • Cook with a carefully-crafted weekly dinner menu plan – Each menu is planned with the Secrets of a Busy Cook in mind and is emailed to you in a PDF file that includes the menu plan for the week, recipes with nutrition data, photos, and grocery list
  • Save time – We plan for you
  • Eat out less – You will know what’s for dinner each night
  • Cook with confidence – Our recipes are tried and true, have been tested and family-approved, and are fast and easy
  • Grocery shop with our list – Everything is already included for dinners for the week
  • Stop throwing away food – We plan leftovers into the menus
  • Fill the freezer – We plan cooking for the freezer into the menus
  • Save money – You will buy what you use and use what you buy
  • Take advantage of local sales – We suggest when to stock up, but let you buy items when they are on sale
  • Receive awesome customer service – We want you to be satisfied

I have tried other menu planning systems and have never found anything else that works for us the way Menus4Moms does. We love the recipes and love the common sense approach to using leftovers and freezer cooking. I recommend the site to EVERYONE! ~Dawn

After years of creating menus and tweaking the menu planning process, we’ve discovered the way to plan menus for you to make the most of your time and money. Made exclusively for busy moms like you, the Busy Mom Menu is a weekly meal plan that takes your busy lifestyle into account.

Thank you, and just to let you know we love your menus and the price for such a great service. ~ DeAnna

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