How To Freeze Cilantro

We use a lot of cilantro — it adds a special flavor to to everything from guacamole to casseroles and soups, but unfortunately it has a short harvest season. When you grow it yourself it tends to bolt after a short time, and it’s not available year round in most grocery stores. A good way […]

The Secret to Saving on Spices

I love to keep a nice variety of spices in my spice collection, but I don’t like paying the typical high prices for them. Keep reading to find out my favorite trick to save money on spices. I have several ways of saving on spices, starting with buying in bulk. Amish and Mennonite stores often […]

Basil Fact Sheet

Name/Botanical Name: Basil, Ocimum Basilicum Description: A highly flavored tender annual herb that is used in many dishes. Sweet basil can reach 2-3 feet tall. It attracts butterflies and beneficial insects to the garden. There are many different varieties of Basil such as lemon Basil, cinnamon Basil, sweet Basil and more. The best way to […]

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