Kids’ Snack Ideas

Kids are notoriously fickle. This week’s favorite food may be tossed aside next week with an inexplicable, “I don’t like it anymore.” Moms on TheHomeSchoolMom in the Kitchen Yahoo Group are familiar with that frustration and have suggested the following snacks to help you find something that will keep the kids happy when last week’s […]

Travel Food Ideas

Traveling means lots of snacks if you want to have a peaceful trip. Here are some ideas for snacks and lunches that pack well for traveling.

Don’t forget to pack napkins (a roll of paper towels is even better), plastic utensils, and paper plates or bowls. Anti-bacterial wipes are another good idea for before and after eating. Don’t forget grocery bags to use for trash. A beach towel or folded sheet will protect the car seats from stains. If you plan on stopping to picnic, bring a disposable tablecloth for the picnic tables which are often less than sanitary.

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