Cherries Galore

We are very lucky have two old sweet cherry trees in our yard. When we first moved here, the trees were so tall you couldn’t get to the cherries, so the birds and squirrels were well fed.

After the first year, my husband and his friend topped them to a reachable level and for the first few years we didn’t get many cherries. This year was different, very different. We had enough cherries to supply the birds, squirrels, neighbors, family and our freezer! We also had enough to eat fresh, and make some jam, crisp and pie.

To freeze cherries, simply wash, drain, and pit them. Pack them into sturdy freezer containers and freeze. It’s as simple as that. Later you can make desserts or jam with them.

Here are my recipes for jam, crisp and pie:

Cherry tip: A fast easy way to pit cherries: hold the cherry between your thumb and index finger with stem end pointing towards a bowl and squeeze. The pit should pop out with some juice. Be sure to catch the flavorful juice to use in your recipes.

It was a bit stressful trying to keep up with everything and take care of the cherries, but it was all worth it in the end. We enjoyed luscious desserts, fresh fruit, but most importantly we were able to share our bountiful harvest!

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