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Looking for added value for your Wellness Program or Corporate Benefits Program?

Want to help your employees be more productive and less stressed?

Would you like to see your employees save hundreds of dollars monthly?

Did you know that one affordable tool can help your employees eat healthier, spend less money, and save hours of time each week?

Save time and money with dinner menus for busy cooks
Your employees can improve their health while saving up to 15 hours and $120 every month by shopping and cooking with a well-crafted menu plan every week.

Made exclusively for today’s busy lifestyles, the Busy Mom Menu is a weekly meal plan that takes a working mom’s lifestyle into account.

With prices skyrocketing and financial markets tumbling, working moms are trying to save money wherever they can. Eating out is being replaced by eating at home, and buying prepared foods at the grocery store is being replaced by cooking from scratch. Unfortunately, that often means investing hours to make up for the money saved – time that busy working moms don’t have.

5 Reasons Why Busy Moms Face Mealtime Frustration

  1. Eating out is becoming unaffordable, but working all day leaves them too tired to cook.
  2. Making a full meal from scratch can take up to 2 hours that they would rather spend doing something else.
  3. Cooking means taking time each week to plan meals and make grocery lists on top of shopping and cooking.
  4. It seems like they are always wasting food (and therefore money) throwing away leftovers that no one eats.
  5. They may not like to cook, or they may feel like they are not good cooks.

So what’s a busy working mom to do?

An easy way to help your employees avoid the drive through and save time and money in the kitchen is to let someone else plan their meals for them. Using a menu plan is easier than planning meals themselves, saves more money, and saves hours in time (both planning and cooking).

I have been using the Busy Mom’s Menu with the healthier modifications for 3 weeks now. It is the best thing I have ever done. I have been following the menus to a T and I wouldn’t change a thing!

It is so nice to print out my list and head to the store, since it is organized I am out of there in no time. There has not been a single recipe we haven’t liked. Now, I won’t lie, my pickiest eaters won’t eat some of the veggies, but they do try them and some they have decided aren’t so bad. My two year old granddaughter eats everything! I was stuck in such a rut of corn, potatoes or green beans for a side dish I would have never exposed them to these other great healthy foods. I had never had many of them and just didn’t know how to fix them or think we would eat them.

By sticking to the menus we are trying a variety of new things and finding lots of new favorites. My family loved the Chinese Cashew Chicken and the only problem was there wasn’t enough for seconds! My teenage son said “I have never tasted anything like that but it’s really good.” I often take leftovers to work and have gotten several comments on my “gourmet” lunches. I tell them all about your website and that they too could have such great food and it’s EASY! It is such a stress relief to KNOW every night when I come home what I am fixing for dinner and often it is already mostly ready.

I have tried some other menus but after a week of every recipe containing “cream of chicken soup” yuck, I still can’t stand the thought of it! Menus for Moms is the absolute best and absolutely worth every penny!! Thank you sooooo much!

DeNeal T.

There are many benefits to offering your employees a menu plan every week- but not all menu planning services are alike. Here’s a look at the benefits of using the Busy Mom Menus…

  1. We do all the planning. From the shopping list to determining the nutrition data, it’s all done and sent to you by email. We even include Meal Makeovers and Substitutions for dishes that are heavy in fat or carbs.
  2. We help your employees take advantage of grocery sales. Because we use ingredients cooked in bulk (like ground beef or chicken) employees can use our menus and still take advantage of local sales.
  3. Because the meals are already planned, your employees are less likely to eat out on impulse. Most eating out is a result of poor meal planning, so when they know what is for dinner each night they won’t be tempted to go through the drive thru.
  4. Leftovers are not wasted. Because we plan leftovers into the menus, they save money by not throwing food away.
  5. The menus are affordable. With our bulk licensing, you can invest in your employees by spending a minimal amount on menus that could save them hundreds of dollars.

Busy Mom Menus are based on the Busy Cook’s Pyramid and incorporate time- and money-saving techniques each week:

Secrets of a Busy Cook
With the Busy Mom Menu, your employees will:

  • Save time – we plan for them
  • Eat out less – they will know what’s for dinner each night
  • Cook with confidence – our recipes are tried and true, have been tested and family-approved, and are fast and easy
  • Grocery shop with our list – everything is already included for dinners for the week
  • Stop throwing away food – we plan leftovers into the menus
  • Fill the freezer – we plan cooking for the freezer into the menus
  • Save money – no more trips back to the store when there’s nothing in the pantry for dinner despite a huge grocery bill
  • Take advantage of local sales – because your employees control when they restock their pantry items, they can buy them when they are on sale

Crockpot Orange Chicken
Your employees will receive 52 weeks of menus. The menus are easy to use:

  1. We test every recipe. Our own families test and approve every recipe in the menus – if it doesn’t get their approval, we don’t use it.
  2. We plan everything, even providing makeovers and substitutions. From the shopping list to determining the nutrition data, it’s all done and sent to your employees by email. We even include Meal Makeovers and Substitutions for dishes that are heavy in fat or carbs.
  3. We help your employees take advantage of grocery sales. Because we use ingredients cooked in bulk (like ground beef or chicken) your employees can use our menus and still take advantage of local sales and stock their pantries or freezers when prices are the lowest.
  4. We plan cooking for the freezer into the menus. There is no need for your employees to be overwhelmed with OAMC when they can fill their freezers with doubled recipes and cooked ingredients that make dinnertime prep a snap.
  5. We feature full-color photos of the main dish. No more guessing what a meal will look like when the finished product is shown right in the menu plan.
  6. We plan leftovers into the menus. Your employees waste less food because we plan leftovers into the menus, saving them money.

Each weekly menu is designed to be easy to make, time-saving and delicious.

Listen to what this busy mom has to say about our menus:

Testimonial: Melanie R.

[I wanted to] send a HUGE thank you for what you have created here. I am a very busy mom of 1, so dinners in my house pre-Menus4Moms were literally mac and cheese, ramen or fast food. It broke my heart that whenever I asked “what do you want for dinner?” my son’s response was always “Taco Bell/McDonalds/Wendy’s”. Since I signed up a few months ago my kitchen habits have completely changed! Now when I ask the question it’s always “that chicken stuff you made the other day” or “Taco Bake”. I’m so proud now that I can really provide balanced meals for my family.

I grew up in a non-cooking home so I never learned the basics, like how to use a slow cooker, or how to brown ground beef. The instructions on every menu are so simple, and I learn something new every week!!

So THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart, from my family to yours.

Melanie R.

How much is it worth to you to give your employees hours of time each month and possibly hundreds of dollars? The Busy Mom Menu is worth so much more than you actually pay…

The individual purchase price of a 52 week menu pack of the Busy Mom Menu is $60, but our bulk licensing program allows you to offer your employees the menus at a greatly reduced monthly rate. Please contact us for bulk pricing based on the quantities you need. We can provide samples of the menus upon request.

Contact us now and begin helping your employees reduce stress and save time and money today!

As I mentioned earlier, our unique approach to menu planning using the Busy Cooks Pyramid can save your employees more time and money than other menu plans. If this sounds like what you could use to help turn the chaos of dinnertime back into family time for your employees, you can get started right now by contacting us now for bulk pricing.

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