Cream of Something Soup

This cream soup substitute is from One Orange Giraffe and makes a great staple for your pantry. It can be adapted to your tastes and what you have on hand. 1/3 cup mix plus 1-1/3 cups water cooked together over medium heat until thick equals 1 can cream soup. This mix should be substituted for cream soups in recipes but is not meant to eat plain as a soup.

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  1. Cindy Tannen says

    WOW, way too salty and peppery. I love pepper but it is way over done here and the bouillon makes it really salty. Also the seasoning is way too much. Double the milk and cornstarch and added 2 tablespoons of onion granules, wa much better, still had the wang of those seasonings.

    • Hi Cindy – I’m wondering if you ate this plain as a soup. It’s really intended to be a substitute for cream soups in recipes, but I realize that from the post that might not have been obvious. It would be overpowering on its own. I’ve clarified the notes in the post to specify that it’s to use in casseroles and other recipes calling for “cream of” soups. Sorry you had a bad experience!

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