Easter Leftovers

Menus4Moms: What to do with Easter leftovers

It’s almost that time of year again. You’re standing, dumbfounded, in front of a mound of hard boiled eggs, sliced ham and chocolate Easter bunnies. You wonder, “What am I going to do with 6 dozen eggs, 6 lbs. of ham and 25 chocolate bunnies?” The stress of it is almost enough to send you to bed for a week–or at least tear most of your hair out. Here are a few ideas and recipes from www.LivingOnADime.com to help you avoid both of those.

Leftover Bunnies:

Take a rolling pin to them and crush the life out of them.

Then use the crumbs to sprinkle on:

  • ice cream
  • use in milk shakes
  • stir a few in a mug of hot chocolate
  • use in place of chocolate chips for making cookies
  • melt for dipping fruit and candy

Leftover Ham:

Save bone for bean or split pea soup.


  • ham salad
  • chef salad
  • ham sandwiches

Chop and freeze to use in:

  • potato salad
  • scrambled eggs
  • omelets
  • top baked potatoes
  • potato soup
  • scalloped potatoes
  • au gratin potatoes
  • pasties
  • pizza- with pineapple

Top tortilla with ham, salsa, and cheddar cheese and warm, for hot ham and cheese sandwiches.

Leftover Eggs:


  • potato salad
  • tuna salad
  • pasta salad
  • chef salad
  • spinach salad with eggs and bacon
  • deviled eggs
  • golden morning sunshine
  • fill tomatoes with egg salad

Jill Cooper and Tawra Kellam are frugal living experts and the editors of http://www.LivingOnADime.com . As a single mother of two, Jill Cooper started her own business without any capital and paid off $35,000 debt in 5 years on $1,000 a month income. Tawra and her husband paid off $20,000 debt in 5 years on $22,000 a year income. Tawra and Jill are the authors of several frugal living ebooks,including Dining On A Dime, Groceries On A Dime, and Penny Pinching Mama.

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