Easy Mexican Slow Cooker Chicken

Like almost everyone else, I look for cooking inspiration on Pinterest. When I saw this post with the title “The Easiest Dinner Ever” with some of my favorite ingredients listed, I knew I had to try it. While it isn’t the prettiest meal I’ve ever made, it was delicious and couldn’t be easier. We will definitely have it again!

Menus4Moms: Easy Mexican Slow Cooker Chicken

It only requires a few simple ingredients and the seasonings can be adjusted to your preference. The basic ingredients are cream cheese, chicken, beans, corn, and Rotel. For a vegetarian version, just omit the chicken and increase the quantity and variety of beans. For seasonings, I used cilantro from the freezer (I just added it frozen), garlic salt, and adobo seasoning. (Did you notice the Hispanic brand garlic salt and cumin? Buying spices on the Hispanic aisle is a great way to save money.)

Menus4Moms: Easy Mexican Slow Cooker ChickenPlan to cook the dish in the slow cooker for 6-8 hours. Place the chicken in slow cooker and add cream cheese, black beans, corn, and Rotel and turn on low. Every couple of hours, stir gently. When the chicken is thoroughly cooked, season to taste with desired herbs and spices. You can either shred the chicken or serve it in large pieces. The longer you cook it, the more tender the chicken is, so for shredded chicken, cook longer until it shreds easily with a fork. If you prefer large pieces of chicken, cook for less time. Serve over rice.

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