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Menus4Moms: Christmas Dinner Menu Plan

Looking for Christmas dinner menu ideas?

Look no further – Menus4Moms has a full Christmas dinner menu planned for you. We gave you a sneak peek at the fantastic Christmas dessert from the menu, now here is the full Christmas dinner menu plan. Your table will be beautiful with these delicious Cornish hens over wild rice, green beans with bacon, and festive cranberry pecan salad. Candied sweet potatoes and homemade drop biscuits round out the meal, and pecan pie complements the Peppermint Brownie Trifle. Enjoy!

Recipes are below, but you can download the Christmas Dinner Menu PDF file which includes all of the recipes, photos, and shopping list.


1. This menu should serve 8-10 adults plus smaller children comfortably. If you have growing teens, big appetites, or more people, I suggest doubling several of the side dishes and cooking extra hens.

2. Several of these dishes can be made ahead and refrigerated until time to bake (if they need baking). They are marked with ***. Though not marked, the stuffing portion of the Cornish Hen recipe can also be prepared in advance.

3. Be sure to give your hens enough time in the refrigerator to thaw.

Christmas Desserts

Download the Christmas Dinner Menu PDF file »

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