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Have skyrocketing food prices got you down?

Have you ever gotten home from an expensive trip to the grocery store and realized you still don’t have anything to make for dinner?

Have you tried to figure out where you can cut costs but just can’t seem to find any extra in the budget?

Did you know that you can spend less money at the store and less time in the kitchen with one simple tool? In fact…

You can save money and time by shopping and cooking with a well-crafted menu plan every week.

Made exclusively for frugal moms like you, the Frugal Mom Menu is a weekly meal plan that takes your lifestyle into account. In addition to weekly money-saving menus, when you sign up you will receive a bonus on how to save money by using a whole chicken for several meals!

With food prices skyrocketing, moms everywhere are trying to save money wherever they can. Eating out is being replaced by eating at home, and buying prepared foods at the grocery store is being replaced by cooking from scratch. Unfortunately, that often means investing hours to make up for the money saved – time that most busy moms don’t have.

I find the Frugal Mom Menu extremely helpful in my hectic life… The menus are quick, simple, and use readily available ingredients. They are also usually easily adaptable to whatever you do have on hand. Plus, the menus do really help to keep costs down. Furthermore, the picky little kids and my husband enjoy the results, and we use the leftovers for lunches, or freeze them for another day. I appreciate not having to think about what I am going to shop for or cook, as by the end of an intense and draining work day, I prefer to use what little energy reserves I have left for my little boys.

Kirsten M.

With the Frugal Mom Menu, you will:

Burritos Mojados

  • Save time – We plan for you
  • Eat out less – You’ll know what’s for dinner each night
  • Feel like a good cook – Our recipes are tried ‘n true, have been tested and family-approved, and are fast and easy
  • Grocery shop with our list – Everything is already included for dinners for the week
  • Save money – No more trips back to the store when there’s nothing in the pantry for dinner despite a huge grocery bill
  • Take advantage of local sales – Because you control when you restock your pantry items, you can buy them when they are on sale

I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have Menus 4 Moms… The thing I like the most is that most of the recipes are things that I can throw together in 30 minutes, so even if I get a late start on dinner, I can typically tell my family that dinner will be ready in approximately 30 minutes… I like that most of the recipes accommodate those of us that use a well stocked pantry rather than running out to the grocery store every week. The ingredients in most cases are common things that I keep on hand. In the event that I don’t have an ingredient, typically the ingredient is something I can easily substitute from my pantry. My family absolutely loves the meals and we have found many new family favorites from the Menus 4 Moms menus. I encourage everyone to give the menus a try, they are a life saver many nights around our house.

Susan G.

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The menus are easy to use:

  1. The menu for the week is summarized on the first page for easy viewing.
  2. Menus include recipes and grocery list for 5 nights of dinners.
  3. Each meal contains a cost analysis.
  4. Each menu includes color photos of many of the featured main dishes.

Each weekly menu is designed to be easy to make, time-saving and delicious.

The foods [in the Frugal Mom Menu] are things my family enjoys and it has greatly cut down on our grocery bill… Every time I hear a mom say she is struggling with dinner or her grocery bill I send them to Menus 4 Moms or I cook up something from the menu and share it with them. When they realize how easy and cost efficient it is they too get hooked. I cannot thank you enough for making planning meals for my family a fun job and helping me look good!! I also enjoy how at the holidays you plan all that for me too. I will most certainly pass this on to my girls when they grow up and start their families so that they too can enjoy cooking and baking just as I do!

Jennifer in Texas

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