Lunch Ideas

Running out of inspiration for lunches? Lunches are probably the hardest meal to be creative with, and it is so easy to open a can of Spaghetti-Os. Let Menus4Moms’ list of lunch ideas motivate you to get back to a healthier mealtime.

If you bake bread, your kids might enjoy a brunch or lunch of French toast on when the bread is fresh. You can designate at least one loaf for French toast and one loaf for sandwiches, which are always better on fresh baked bread. If your recipe makes several loaves, you can freeze any extra loaves. When thawing bread, the key is to leave it sealed in the packaging until it is completely thawed and it will retain all of the original moisture. If you open the packaging before the bread has thawed, it tends to dry out.

Lure Your Kids Into Eating Healthy School Lunches

Our fishing expedition on Flathead Lake this summer was comical. Despite our best efforts, we were unable to catch anything, even though the boat next to us was reeling in fish every time we looked! Clearly, there was something we weren’t doing right. As a man from the next boat yelled over to us, “What kind of bait are you using?” a crazy thought entered into my mind: Feeding children is a lot like fishing – you have to have the right lure, or they won’t bite! Packing desirable school lunches is a lot like the fine art of selecting an appealing lure while fishing. ... [Read More...]

Healthy School Lunches

For parents, providing your kids with healthy, nutritional lunches that they find interesting can be quite a challenge. The “if it is good for you then it must be boring” mentality makes this particularly challenging and you have such favorites as lollies, sweets and fizzy drinks to compete with. Don’t despair, it can be done and here are 13 alternatives to get you started. Instead of… High fat savoury biscuits — why not try Plain dry crackers, rice cakes, corn thins or Scottish oatcakes. Raw carrots or celery cut into small pieces are also an excellent choice Pies, pastry or ... [Read More...]

Quick Pantry Lunch Ideas

It’s lunch time and the kids are hungry. Take a look in your pantry for some quick and filling lunch ideas. You’ll be surprised with how many last minute meal ideas you can come up with using the various cans and bags of dry goods stashed away in your kitchen cupboards. Macaroni and Cheese Plus Grab a box of Mac & Cheese and mix and prepare it according to the package directions. To turn it into a full lunch meal, add some vegetables and meat. Here are some ideas…Add small chunks of steamed broccoli or a can of green beans or peas ... [Read More...]

Save on School Lunches

It’s August and that familiar time of year when yellow school buses fill the neighborhoods. You’re back to hectic mornings, finding everyone’s books and papers and trying to get them out of the door on time… and you now have 180 lunches to make over the next 9 months if you have 1 child and 720 if you have 4 — But hey, who’s counting? I can’t help you eliminate all of the hectic morning activity, but maybe I can help you with those 720 lunches.  Here are a few lunch and snack ... [Read More...]

Lunch Ideas From Menus4Moms Members

Here are some lunch ideas that have been contributed by moms from TheHomeSchoolMom in the Kitchen and Menus4Moms™. Items suitable for packing in an insulated lunchbox or thermos are noted with an asterisk. [Read More...]

Reuben Sandwiches

Reuben Sandwiches This Reuben Sandwich Recipe is a great way to use up leftover corned beef, or even to set the crockpot up to cook the corned beef and make the sandwiches in the evening. It’s a crowd-pleaser! [Read More...]

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