Pork Scaloppine

Last night I made Pork Scaloppine in a lemon butter sauce with capers. Oh my. Despite the fact that I cooked it a little too long (the pork was still slightly frozen and I was afraid it might not be done – it’s not like you can stick a meat thermometer in a 1/4″ thick slice of pork tenderloin), it was fabulous. I started with a recipe I found on the Australian/New Zealand about.com site. This particular recipe served two, but the sauce was enough for 6 which I thought was a little strange. Maybe they were planning on drinking the extra sauce? It was good enough to drink, that’s for sure! In addition to the pork, here are the ingredients:

Ingredients for Pork Scaloppine

Yes, I know you aren’t supposed to cook with wine that you wouldn’t drink, but since I don’t drink white wine I don’t keep it on hand unless I am entertaining. And it would be a waste to open a bottle just to use 1/3 cup in a recipe.

Get started by melting the butter over low heat. And ignore how badly my stovetop needs to be cleaned.

Melt the butter

I served my pork with sautéed green beans and spaetzle, so at this point I steamed the frozen green beans.

Steam the green beans

While the butter is melting just let the green beans sit for a few minutes and mix the flour with about a teaspoon of salt and some freshly ground pepper to taste. Put some olive oil in a skillet and heat it on medium high, and start dredging your pork in the flour. Placed the floured pork in the hot oil and cook for a few minutes on each side until it is done. And don’t grab the metal part of the skillet handle like I did.

Sauté the floured pork in olive oil

While the pork is cooking, add the lemon juice and white wine to the melted butter, mixing well over medium heat. Add the drained capers. If you think it might be too salty for you, rinse the capers before adding. I like salt.

Lemon butter sauce with capers

Heat a little butter (2 teaspoons is plenty) in a medium-sized skillet and sauté the green beans with about 1/4 packet of dry Good Seasons Italian Dressing mix. Yum.

Sauté green beans with Italian dressing mix

Place the cooked pork on a platter and top with the lemon butter sauce.

Pork Scallopini in lemon butter sauce with capers

Do you like the dish? Years ago my mother-in-law started buying me Wilton-Armetale metalware for Christmas. Sometimes Tuesday Morning carries it at a deep discount and I add to my collection. It can be used in the oven and freezer and is beautiful for serving. Here is the plated meal:

Pork scaloppine with spaetzle and green beans



Spaetzle is a German egg noodle. There is no recipe, you simply cook it in salted water (I like mine heavily salted) then drain and serve buttered. It is wonderful! You can usually find this on the International or Ethnic aisle with other German foods.


  1. Vincent says:

    1 bottle of capers to 1 lb of meat. I’ve never seen anything like it. Also, bottled lemon juice? Why?

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