Primavera Pasta Pie

This easy and colorful dish is a hit every time I make it. Since my teenager is choosing to eat a vegetarian diet right now, I’ve been using more vegetarian dishes in our personal menus. Since the whole family is not eating vegetarian, I try to accommodate my daughter without forcing the rest of the family to adopt a vegetarian diet. One thing I do to accommodate my daughter is to make casseroles that use meat, but leave the meat off of part of the meal for her. In addition, we have vegetarian dishes like this one a couple of times a week, and a couple of days my daughter just makes dinner for herself while we eat a meat-based dish.

When making Pasta Primavera Pie, I use frozen broccoli florets that I have steamed and I add them to the sautéed onion and red pepper just before combining everything in the casserole dish.


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