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For software support, please visit Home Plan Software as I cannot provide support for Shopping List software.

A grocery list will be included with each menu in both PDF and Shopping List software format (see link above to download Shopping List software). Prices for each item are listed, although they may differ based on what is in season, your locality, and where you shop. If our prices for an item are significantly different from your own, drop us a line and let us know so we can see if we need to adjust them.

Shopping List Software

Shopping List Software

Each week when the list for the menu is published, if just opening the grocery list file doesn’t automatically open it in the Shopping List software (where you can then edit it and save it), click the link and save it to the Data folder of the Shopping List software (usually \hps\Shoplist\Data subfolder of your Documents folder). Then open the Shopping List program and click the Open tab at the top and find the file you saved in the DATA folder. All files are named with the date of the menu in yymmdd format. Select the file for that week and it should open into the shopping list software. Edit the list to delete things you already have on hand and add items that you may need for your personal list, then print. The list will print by category, reducing the time you spend in the grocery store because everything will be grouped as it is in the store.

You will notice large sections of the shopping list labeled Pantry Items, Refrigerator Items, and Freezer Items. These items all have zeros for the prices and a 1 for the quantity. Ignore the quantity for all of these items but eggs (where the real quantity needed will be shown), it’s just the default of the shopping list program. These items are things you likely have on hand but this section gives you a chance to check your pantry, refrigerator, and freezer before you grocery shop and be sure you have them. Don’t buy these items on your grocery trip unless you need them. If you are interested in what I keep on hand in my pantry (as well as my refrigerator and freezer) for the menus, read The Well-Stocked Pantry.


  1. annembailey says:

    How can I download and/or copy the shopping list as I have an Apple Computer?

    • Hi Anne – the shopping list is included on the last page of each menu file, so you don’t need to download it separately. We offer the ITM file for Windows users because it is what we use to generate the list, so we figured we may as well post it. Neither the Shopping List Software program not the ITM file are necessary to use the grocery list that comes with the menu.

  2. Great program, but there is an important flaw that needs to be addressed – The dang program can’t read my mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean to include an item and when I get back from the store, I realize that I forgot to put it on my list. This flaw needs to be addressed! I can’t remember to do everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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