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Stovetop Chicken

Menus4Moms Stovetop Chicken

This easy chicken dish is featured in our Planned Leftovers: Roast Chicken resource, which is a free bonus with either of our two dinner menu subscriptions (see links on the left). Learning how to make the best use of leftovers prevents waste and saves money. Whenever you have had chicken, particularly a rotisserie or roast chicken, pick the remaining meat off of the bones and make some broth with the bones and skin. Use the broth and leftover meat to make Stovetop Chicken, which can be adapted to whatever ingredients you have on hand.

This recipe can be adapted to include vegetables, different types of pasta, Italian or Mexican seasonings, and any number of other variations. The great thing is that if you have cooked chicken and cooked onions in the freezer, you can make this as a last minute supper with very little effort. Mushrooms can be omitted or you may use canned mushrooms instead. The basic recipe is as follows…

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