Sweet Garlic Chicken

Menus4Moms: Sweet Garlic Chicken

This quick and easy chicken dish can be made in one pan, minimizing mess. Its simple flavors go well with steamed or sauted green vegetables and a side of pasta or rice.

Inspired by Easy Garlic Chicken from Food.com

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  1. Great recipe!

    You could add some chopped onions with the garlic when you saute for additional carmelization. Yum. Of course, the name of the recipe would have to change… OR you could use pork chops instead of chicken.

    Note: If you are out of brown sugar you can use white sugar with molasses added because essentially that is what brown sugar is. DO NOT just substitute plain white sugar alone for the brown sugar. White sugar really has no flavor other than sweetness. Brown sugar also adds more moisture to a dish than white sugar because of the molasses, so depending on what you’re making, it may also be drier.

    Good luck!

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