The Ham Plan

Here is my “Ham Plan”. I am finding it easier and more economical to have bulk cooking plans for when meats and veggies are on sale or in season. I do a big cooking that lasts a few months (Hopefully! I am still new at this) so I don’t have to cook that particular meat again for a while. I am hoping my chicken will last a while so I can focus on other meats. Here are some of the recipes I made around Easter (next time I will make a big ham or a few medium ones, last time the 20 pound ham was a bit hard to turn every half hour!)

If you try these recipes, please let me know how they turn out! I don’t cook ham as often as I cook chicken and hamburger, so this plan isn’t as “polished” as the Hamburger Plan and the Chicken Plan. Feel free to send your recipes, comments and suggestions; I will be happy to post them in the readers’ hints and tips section! Happy cooking!

Day one

Cook the ” Master Recipe,” which in this case would be Honey Baked Ham or your favorite baked ham recipe. While the ham is cooking (this one takes a few hours!) chop the veggies and prepare doughs for tomorrow’s assembly. Or, clean the house!

Kim’s notes: This recipe is incredible! The ham just falls apart, appears more like a roast than those water-added hams at the store. Even the pickiest eaters in my family eat this and beg for more! They ask for it just about every night! There was a ton left over (I baked a 20 pounder! A little hard to turn every half hour, but well worth it!) This is better made on a day when you are not once a month cooking but are around the house, perhaps on a cleaning day or a once a month baking day.

Day 2

Assembly day! Depending on how much you have, you can use the honey baked ham in any of the following. To reduce the workload, double or triple the recipes. If you run out of ham, try the others next time! If you run out of time, freeze the ham and assemble on the day you plan to cook it. (I keep an eye out for “quick and easy” dishes that are made with cooked meat and I try to always keep a few containers of cooked meat in the freezer for this purpose. I try to write the results on the recipe and whether it would be worth cooking on oamc day. Some recipes are so easy and good, they are better left as “emergency” recipes, when you have to get something on the table fast and want it fresh-cooked.)

Yes, there are quite few new recipes here; thought I would try a bunch this time, I will let you know how they turn out! Find the recipes on pages 2 and 3 linked below. [ED- Also check out the ultimate recipe for leftover ham, Ham and Swiss Sliders.]

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