Today’s Task

Daily Reminder for Sunday, Jan 20, 2019

This week's area is the Foyer, Living Room & Dining Room.

If you have not decluttered this area, instead of completing today's task, spend 15 minutes decluttering the current area only.

If you have already decluttered, your goal today is to organize your coat closet in the current area for 15 minutes only. You will probably not finish all of this task, just do as much as you can in that time then quit.

Remember, you are only working in the Foyer, Living Room & Dining Room. Limit your time to 15 minutes for this task and stick to it - set a timer if you have to! When you are done, take a moment to look around and appreciate your efforts.

If you do not have a daily routine in place, this is a good time to set one up.

Be well!

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Every week the daily tasks will focus on one area of the house. After each 5 weeks the rotation starts over. The areas are:

  1. Foyer, Living Room & Dining Room
  2. Kitchen (including pantry) & Porches
  3. Master Bedroom (including closet & bathroom) & Kids' Rooms
  4. Den/Family Room, Other Room (office, craft room, extra bedroom, etc.) & Powder Room
  5. Laundry Room, 2nd Full Bathroom, Garage, & Miscellaneous

These may not match your home exactly, but they are areas common to most homes and you can adapt them as needed.

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