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Tomato Squash Bake

With our squash harvest starting to come in, I wanted to try some new veggie dishes. This delicious tomato and squash dish with an Italian flavor is adapted from a recipe that I saw in the Costco Connection magazine. I’ll be glad when our Roma tomatoes start producing – the Romas we bought to use in this recipe were over a dollar each! Later in the summer when we can get all of the vegetables and herbs from our garden, I will definitely be making this again.
Here are the ingredients and the prepared dish before baking:

Tomato Squash Bake
The oregano is from my recently started herb garden. I am loving being able to step out on the deck and snip fresh herbs for dinner.
Herb Garden

And here is the finished dish, which was fantastic:
Tomato Squash Bake


  1. Pics are gorgeous…making me hungry! I’ll definitely be making this one soon.

    • Mary Ann says:

      Thanks, Lila. It was really good – there wasn’t very much left because we all had seconds!

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