Free Busy Mom Menu

Try the Busy Mom Menu this week, featuring this fantastic Shrimp and Grits recipe. It’s quick to prepare and a delicious blend of flavors. Here is the menu for the whole week: Monday Beef With Broccoli Rice Mandarin Pineapple Salad Tuesday Baked Skillet Chicken Couscous Steamed Spinach Wednesday Taco Crescent Bake Mexican Salad Thursday Spinach […]

Christmas Dinner Menu

Christmas Dinner Notes: 1. This menu should serve 8-10 adults plus smaller children comfortably. If you have growing teens, big appetites, or more people, I suggest doubling several of the side dishes and cooking a larger ham. 2. Several of these dishes can be made ahead and refrigerated until time to bake. They are marked […]

Frugal Mom Thanksgiving Menu

Frugal Thanksgiving Recipes Roast Turkey Homemade Dressing Giblet Gravy Cranberry Sauce Mashed Potatoes Baked Acorn Squash Broccoli Soufflé Pumpkin Dinner Rolls Pumpkin Trifle Menu is based on 10 servings. View the recipes below or download the full PDF file with recipes, photos, and shopping list.                                                                                                                                                                                         

Busy Mom Thanksgiving Menu

If you love a traditional Thanksgiving menu, this menu plan with recipes and grocery list is for you! Dinner Turkey with Gravy Cornbread or Regular Stuffing Broccoli Cheese Casserole Corn Casserole Baked Potato Casserole Quick Rolls Dessert Baked CranApples Pumpkin Cheesecake Dip Use the full menu, or just use it for your own Thanksgiving menu […]

Frugal Mom Easter Dinner Menu

This free Easter dinner menu from the Frugal Mom Menu will serve 6 people comfortably for under $40. Print the individual recipes below or download the Frugal Mom Menu for Easter 2013 PDF file.

Busy Mom Easter Dinner Menu Plan

This Easter menu plan menu should serve 8-10 adults plus smaller children comfortably. If you have growing teens, big appetites, or more people, you might want to double a few of the side dishes. Print the individual recipes below or download the Busy Mom Easter dinner menu plan PDF file with the recipes, photos, nutrition date, and grocery list.

Free Christmas Dinner Menu Plan

Looking for Christmas dinner menu ideas? Look no further – Menus4Moms has a full Christmas dinner menu planned for you. We gave you a sneak peek at the fantastic Christmas dessert from the menu, now here is the full Christmas dinner menu plan. Your table will be beautiful with these delicious Cornish hens over wild […]

Thanksgiving Dinner

Each year we offer free holiday menu plans. This year the Frugal Mom Menu is focusing on a traditional holiday meal with all of the standard fare. The Busy Mom Menu, while still traditional, has a few new and different recipes to spruce up your table. I can’t wait to dig into that Cranapple Streusel […]

Free Samples of the Busy Mom Menu and Frugal Mom Menu

We would love for you to try our menu plans, so we are giving away samples of both the Busy Mom Menu and the Frugal Mom Menu. Give them a try and let us know what you think! Get the Sample Busy Mom Menu » Get the Sample Frugal Mom Menu »

FREE Easter Dinner Menu Plan 2

We have two free Easter dinner plans for you, one from the Busy Mom Menu and one from the Frugal Mom Menu. Just click the images to download the dinner menus plans. Enjoy!

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