About Mary Ann

Image of Mary Ann KelleyMary Ann Kelley has been creating meal plans online for over 15 years, first as part of TheHomeSchoolMom’s cooking resources for busy moms and later on Menus4Moms, which has been highlighted by “Diner’s Journal,” The New York Times‘ Blog on Dining Out; on PBS Parents‘ “Kitchen Explorer;” on Fox Business; and on The Spruce Eats. Mary Ann has been a guest on “The Sipping Point,” the podcast of Laurie Forster of The Wine Coach, and has been featured in “The Front Burner,” a cooking feature of Fredericksburg.com, the website of The Free Lance-Star newspaper.

Mary Ann loves cooking and she loves planning/organizing, so meal planning is a natural intersection of the two. Her mission for the meal plans is fulfilled when visitors let her know that she has helped them save time and money by teaching them to plan ahead and become more efficient in the kitchen.

When Mary Ann is not cooking or publishing, she enjoys reading, researching genealogy, and traveling.

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