Menus4Moms™ Free Printable Planner

Our free printable planner has been updated through 2020!

The Menus 4 Moms™ Printable Planner is a comprehensive organizer for appointments and family menu planning. It is completely free for personal use, and includes weekly “to do” and menu planner pages as well as monthly and yearly calendar pages.

Free Household Printable Planner/Organizer from Menus4Moms

Don’t want to plan your own meals? Menus 4 Moms™ weekly menus are full 5-night menu plans with recipes and grocery list already planned out for you. Buy now and get 52 week menu packs of Busy Mom Menu or the Frugal Mom Menu (or get both in our discounted Combo pack, an option at checkout).

Each month has a Month View Calendar page which can be used with detailed Weekly Planner pages. Opposite each Weekly Planner page is a menu planner for the week. The planner pages are pictured below (click on the image to download the PDF file). The pages are all designed to fit in a standard 8 1/2 x 11 three ring binder; they can also be spiral bound at your local copy shop.

If you have any trouble downloading the planner, please use the Troubleshooting Guide at the bottom of the page.

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Weekly & Menu Planner Pages

Menu Planner
Free Printable Weekly Menu Planner from Menus4Moms
Weekly Planner
Free Printable Weekly Organizer/Planner from Menus4Moms

The printable planner pages include a Weekly Planner on the right side and the Menu Planner on the left. The planner pages are designed to be printed double-sided which will result in the Weekly Planner being hole-punched on the left side of the page and the Menu Planner punched on the right side.

When your Planner is open on your desk, the Weekly Planner page will be on the right, with the Menu Planner and Grocery List on the left just as pictured above. The pages are all designed to fit in a standard 8 1/2″ x 11″ three ring binder, and if you print the pages double-sided, your clip-off grocery list will be on the back of last week’s To Do list. Another option is to take the pages to a copy center and have them spiral bound.

As you finish each week, copy any incomplete items from this week’s To Do list onto the list for next week and clip your grocery list for next week off so you can start your week with all of the items you need for your menu plan.

While many moms appreciate these blank planning forms, some of you might be looking for menus that are already planned out for you. If that interests you, check out our 52 week Busy Mom Menu or Frugal Mom Menu packs.

2018-2020 Monthly & Yearly Calendars

2018-2020 Month View Calendar
Free Printable Monthly Calendar/Planner from Menus4Moms
2018-2020 Yearly Calendar
Free Printable Yearly Calendar/Planner from Menus4Moms

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Please note: You may wish to make a folder named Planner in your document folder so you can easily find the planner files and print fresh copies when you need them.

Troubleshooting Guide

You must unzip the file before trying to open it with Acrobat Reader. On most computers, simply double-clicking the file will create an unzipped folder with the file contents. Once unzipped, the files can be opened with Acrobat Reader.

If the files do not open for you after you have unzipped them, please note their location in Finder (Mac) or Explorer (Windows). Next, open the Acrobat Reader, and using the Open… command from the File menu, choose the unzipped .pdf file from the location you noted. If you still cannot open the file, it may have been corrupted in transit. In that case, you should try downloading it again.

About Mary Ann

Mary Ann Kelley has been creating meal plans online for over 15 years, first as part of TheHomeSchoolMom's cooking resources for busy moms and later on Menus4Moms, which has been highlighted by "Diner's Journal," The New York Times' Blog on Dining Out, and PBS Parents' "Kitchen Explorer."

Mary Ann loves cooking and she loves planning/organizing, so meal planning is a natural intersection of the two. She believes her mission for the meal plans is being fulfilled when visitors let her know that she has helped them save time and money by teaching them to plan ahead and become more efficient in the kitchen.

When Mary Ann is not cooking, she enjoys reading, researching genealogy, and traveling.


  1. When are you going to post the 2015 menu calendar (pdf)?

    • Mary Ann (Menus4Moms) says

      Hi Lisa – I’m sorry – I’m really behind and am currently dealing with trying to get software installed on a new computer (can’t get it deactivated on the old computer in order to reactivate it on the new one). I’ll try to get to it as soon as I get everything up and running again.

    • Mary Ann (Menus4Moms) says

      The 2015 calendars have been uploaded 🙂

  2. Hi Kathy,

    I have used your weekly planner and menu planner since 2005 and I am glad to see the website get a new look and feel. When I first downloaded the PDF file for the menu and planner I was allowed to type directly into the fields on my computer and print it out. I have since updated my computer and switched to the new file recently and I do not have permissions to enter in the fields. I would like to know if this is now standard or do you still have the old version which allows you to update your list via input rather than having to print it out and write it all down?

    Thank You for your all of your fabulous time saving ideas!

    • Hi Apryl,

      I don’t remember it having editable fields back then, but it’s possible. The current version doesn’t have that. I will put it on the “Planner Pages Wish List” but I’m not sure when I will get to it. It’s a tedious process to add editable fields but I’ll look at it when I have time. Have a great day!

  3. Kathy Mitchell says

    Yes. I use the planner sheets from 2005. They seem to have more space between the lines. I know they are quite old but I really like them.

  4. Kathy Mitchell says

    I am also using the old format planner pages and would like to know if there is still a way that I can print those forms instead. I love your site and have learned so much. Thank you for all that you do.

    • Mary Ann (Menus4Moms) says

      Hi Kathy,

      What Lori was asking for was the unlined versions of the planner, which I have since added above. Is there something else you were looking for?

      Mary Ann

  5. Lori Morenz says

    I have been successfully using your weekly Menu Planner for a year and half now. I love it and swear by it – even share copies with friends!! However, I have liked your older formats better. Is there any way you’d consider posting the older versions for availability?


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