Secrets of a Busy Cook

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Adapted from Secrets of a Busy Cook by Lynn Nelson, used by permission

I love to cook! I just don’t have a lot of time for it and I suspect that those who hate to cook really have trouble. I want to provide wholesome and tasty meals Monday through Friday, but I don’t want to spend all evening in the kitchen. In fact, 30 minutes is my preferred time limit for week night meal preparation. I have developed a method of accomplishing this which involves a combination of several different techniques with which you are probably already familiar, so these are not really secrets. I combine them in an organized manner that makes weekday cooking a breeze.

To help you visualize the various components, the Busy Cook’s Pyramid below shows how each of these building blocks combine to make dinner preparation a breeze. The methods toward the base of the pyramid are those that save the most time, those at toward the top are good methods, but contribute less. There is some overlap between the sections.

Cooking for the Freezer | Planned Leftovers | Quick and Easy Recipes | Fast Ingredients | Tools & Techniques

Making consistent use of the five levels of the Busy Cook’s Pyramid will free up valuable time and ease the pressure on your at mealtime. Knowing that there are extra meals in the freezer, that your “servants” are at work for you, or that you have fast ingredients on hand cuts down on trips through the drive-thru or take-out. Having few last minute preparations to put a nice quick and well-balanced meal on the table also allows your children or spouse to easily help out when you cannot be home at meal preparation time. Enjoy the freedom that the Busy Cook’s Pyramid can bring to your life!

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