Breakfast Ideas

The easiest thing to serve for breakfast is freezer food – not the kind that comes in a box, though. Once frozen, French toast, waffles, and pancakes can be pulled out of the freezer individually and toasted or microwaved just like the ones they sell in the grocery store.

If you bake bread, designate at least one loaf for French toast on baking day. You can slice that loaf, make French toast one morning, and all of the extra French toast goes into the freezer in freezer bags. For easier separation, you can freeze the slices individually on a baking sheet and then bag them the next day, but they aren’t too difficult to pull apart even if you just pile them up in a baggie while they are still warm. You can do the same thing with pancakes and waffles. Did you know that if you put waffles on a cookie cooling rack they won’t get as soggy as if you pile them on a plate?

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